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EC – Easy Check Series

//EC – Easy Check Series
  • Breathalyser - personal use Alcolizer EC

EC – Easy Check Series

“The Right to not Offend”

The Alcolizer Easy Check (EC) is the personal breath alcohol test unit relied on by thousands to keep safe.

With the laws in South Africa are becoming stricter the need for an accurate personal alcohol breath tester has become more and more necessary.  The Alcolizer EC offers police standard electrochemical fuel cell sensing technology at an affordable price for personal users.
The EC Series offers police standard electrochemical fuel cell sensing technology while a vast majority of ‘personal breath testers’ in the market use low cost semi-conductor sensors or cheap, low grade manufactured fuel cells. Alcolizer chooses to exclusively use the highest-grade platinum fuel cells for all of our products, including the EC Series.
Manufactured to the highest quality standard (ISO:9001) and holding Australian Standard AS 3547 Type 2, the EC is the smart choice for the personal user.

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The Right to Not Offend

Personal Breathalyser – reliable and effective

  • Mini electrochemical fuel cell technology
  • On-screen notification when re-calibration is required
  • Standard 12 month warranty
  • Australian Standards Certified AS3547 Type 2
  • Rapid zero testing recovery
  • Free software upgrades on calibration (if serviced and calibrated by Alcolizer Technology)

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