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REVO Vibration Meter – Hand-Arm and Whole Body

//REVO Vibration Meter – Hand-Arm and Whole Body
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REVO Vibration Meter – Hand-Arm and Whole Body

The Revo Vibration Meter provides a simple and convenient way to measure, analyse and assess vibration data in accordance with standards such as ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC.

Capable of measuring four channels simultaneously, the Revo Vibration Meter meets the requirements of ISO 8041:2005 and is ideal for assessing Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration Exposure.

Why Choose the Revo Vibration Meter?

  • Hand-Arm Vibration Meter in accordance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005
  • Whole Body Vibration Meter in accordance with ISO 2631
  • Four independent measuring channels with IEPE inputs and TEDS support
  • 3-channel FFT for the detection of main frequencies
  • Stores up to 10000 measurement and up to 1000 FFT Measurements
  • Colour screen display of running and interval measurement values
  • USB interface for quick download of your data
  • The complete measurement kit includes all the accessories required, including handle mounts for the Triaxial Accelerometer
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What’s Included with the Revo Kit?

  • CV:31A Revo Vibration Meter
  • KD:903 Triaxial Accelerometer
  • ZL:312 3m Sensor Cable
  • ZL:311 USB Cable
  • ML:311 & ML:312 Handle Adaptors
  • UM:31A Revo User Manual
  • SP:212 AAA Batteries

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