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ZI-188 Handheld WBGT Heat Stress Monitor

//ZI-188 Handheld WBGT Heat Stress Monitor
  • Zi-188-WBGT
  • ZI-188-Heat-Stress

ZI-188 Handheld WBGT Heat Stress Monitor

Quick checking WBGT meter based on %RH and air temperature.  Suitable for use in all industries.

The HEAT STRESS WBGT METER is a quick-response meter with accurate measurement for the effects of temperature, humidity, and direct or radiant sunlight.

This instrument is ideal for  athletic trainers, military, occupational (Industrial) hygienists, outdoor worker and the sports medicine specialists; and it’s designed according to the regulations mentioned below.

In-house works calibration applicable.

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Quick-response capacitance sensor, accurate measurement for wet bulb globe temperature(WBGT), black globe temperature(TG), humidity(%RH), air temperature(TA), wet bulb(WET) and dew point(DEW).
– Max/Min and data hold.
– Low battery indication.
– LCD display with LED backlight.
– Viewing data records.
– Switch the temperature unit to ℃ or ℉.
– Brass black ball in 50mm diameter.
– WBGT alarm setting.
– Auto power off with disable function.
– Data logging capacity: 12000 records, USB PC serial interface (Zi-188D).
– Sampling interval: Max 24 hours; Min 1 Second (Zi-188D).

In order to measure the WBGT index, you should refer to the following regulations:

ISO7243 : Hot environments. Estimation of the heat stress on working man.
ISO7726 : Ergonomics of the thermal environment-instruments for measuring physical quantities.
OSHA :  Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
JISHA :  Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association.

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