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QRAE 3 – Versatile 4 Gas Monitor

//QRAE 3 – Versatile 4 Gas Monitor
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QRAE 3 – Versatile 4 Gas Monitor

The QRAE 3 is a full featured compact 4-gas monitor that provides detection and monitoring of Oxygen (O2), Combustibles and toxic gases that include Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Sulfure Dioxide (SO2) and Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and others. QRAE 3 can deliver wireless real-time instrument readings and alarm status 24/7. This provides better incident visibility and can improve response time.  Gas detection made easy with versatile sensor configurations for a multitude of applications and industrial environments.

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Product Detail


  •  CONNEXT_Safety_SolutionsIndustry’s first portable wireless 4 gas monitor
  • Wireless improves safety, increases tactical awareness, and reduces downtime
  • Five-way, local and remote, notification for gas and Man Down Alarms
  • Extensive onboard gas library (dedicated 55 LEL correction factors)
  • Easy to use instrument, easier to maintain (user-replaceable sensors, pump, and battery)
  • Compatible with AutoRAE 2 Fully-Automated bump testing and calibration
  • Exotic EC sensors (H2S, CO, SO2, NH3, PH3, HCN, Cl2, NO2)
  • 3 years warranty on LEL, O2, CO, H2S sensors

Confined Space Entry

QRAE 3 is one of the best solutions for Confined Space Entry application LEL / O2 / CO / H2S Pumped especially with wireless capability with EchoView Host Attendant / Safety Manager get real-time data outside CSE Gas and Man Down Readings – Notification – Alarms



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